Dedicated to
Jina Amini
on September 16, 2022, Tehran,
for apparently wearing her
hijab wrongfully
- and all other girls and women
murdered by the basij / the mullahs' regime

October 28 2023 - Preface:
I refuse to use the by the regime given name M. out of
respect for Jina, Allah has her soul, and her immensily grieving parents and left behinds.
I, shortly after she was killed, was so heartbroken and felt so much pain that
the only thing I could do to try and ease my pain
was to, being an artist and poet, to write poetry and create art which 'till now
resulted in approx. 40 poems and also about and the strugling of the brave Iranian people
and 2 artworks for sister Jina.
However, more will follow because Iran lost another sister and to many a daughter,
Artima Geravand, killed in the same way as Jina was and by the same mullahs' regime and its followers.
The title of the to be published book will be
<Iran, mon amour>

September 16 2022 - 3 days after her arrest

Dearest Sister Jina Amini

... because yes
in our hearts who care so much for a free Iran,
that is what you are for us,
our sister,
and that's the name your parents gave you,
to their oh so and even More Dear and their little baby girl
because even when grown-up,
you were always their baby-girl.

you was a Kurdish-Iranian
and the Iranian authorities did and does not accept Kurdish surnames
so you became Jina 'Mahsa' Amini.

Today everybody knows you,
in Kurdistan and Iran and beyond all

geographical borders.
Not as a pop- or moviestar or even a star,
although they should name a star in the galaxy after you

to remember and commerate you eternally.

Because on 09 16 '22
you were heinously murdered by a basij
and apparently because you wore your hijab wrongfully.
Allah says one may only kill somebody else out of self-defence.
And you didn't threaten the basij with your I'm sure
oh so bright sunlight smile.

Today, ...
after one year,

we have to commerate you with the deepest grief instead of joy
but know Sister Jina Dear,
we carry you in our hearts with every step we take
towards a free Iran.

Long live Jina Amini and a Free Iran.


August 3, 2023

You're not dead,
our dearest sister Jina

The commemoration of your killing and death
is nearing fast
and one journalist, a woman of course,
kept speaking about the

'Jina Mahsa Amini movement'
when talking about the to expect
commemoration and the many protesters

to be expected and this not with words as
'wishfull thinking' but as a matter of fact to be.

And also the IRGC is preparing itself for that day
knowing all too well too
that they should be ready for the unexpected
and yes nobody can predict what will

happen on that day
except that does not need to be 'a Nostradamus'
to know...

that you're not dead,
our dearest sister Jina,
because you live on
in our hearts and soul

and we'll make sure that that day
will be so memorable

for all the world to know
and that we'll continue to fight
and this not out to take revenge
because we're not animals like the basij or the IRGC
but to shout loud and clear:

Long live Jina Amini
Long live a Free Iran.

When the people commemorating your killing and death
and will hit the streets to protest
they'll not seek to revenge your death by hunting the basiji and the IRGC,
by wanting to hurt or kill them because they're not like them, animals without a heart
who only follow commands.

They'll be only out there

to scare the hell out of them,
that is to say,
that they'll become soo scared
they'll run to the hell of their memories
where they'll be hunted forever
by the eyes of their innocent victims
whom they've beaten; tortured and/or hung.

Run you headless chickens,

to your hell.
It's a one-way ticket on the house of
Long live a Free Iran.

Bye, 'till never again


Afterthought bis:

For my beloved sister Armita Gevarnand

An online outlet header wrote:
Iran's beloved daughter
Armita Gevarnand is gone.

For me, and many with me,
it really should say:
*Our sister Armitas' soul is with Allah now
and forever part of our hearts and soul too.*

For even yes you have died by the hands of
the mullahs' regime
and its fascist followers
their will be not one day passing
without our hearts and eyes
will cry for 40 days
to commemorate you.

And after we'll continue
to fight for a long and free Iran
untill we raise the flag of victory
on the Azadi tower.

Allah has your soul dear sister,
rest in peace in the gardens of Allah.

Long live a free Iran

October 29 2023


Copyright: Gino d'Artali