Season 2 - Quarter 1 31th January - 15th April 2020
Nancy Pelosi
UN CLIMATE CONFERENCE MADRID COP25 incl. Australian forest fires and Greta Thunberg Tribute




Quarter 4  December 15th. 2020 - April 15th.
Feminicides in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Mothers for peace, Afghanistan
Shamsia Hassani, Afghanistan
Malala Yousafhai, Pakistan
Brazilian indigenous seeks EU support

IS and the attempted genocide of the Yazidis


September 19th.-27th.
GLOBAL CLIMATE DEMONSTRATIONS REVOLT view a depiction of the global demonstrations (approx. 40 pics.) 

Quarter 3 September 15th. 2019 - December 15th. 2019
She's back: amazon viking and climate warrior Greta Thunberg (16)
Amazonas burning!
IRAN SPECIAL: Forough Farrokhzad feminist poetress
Forough Farrokhzad timeline
Iranian female amazon photographers
USA: The squad

Quarter 2 May 31th. - September 1t5h.
Urgent rescue call for  Latifa Al Maktoum aka princess/sheikha of Dubai
Urgent call for Nasrin Sotoudeh (Iran)
' Lipstick and Gas Masks ': Women in times of resistance Mashid Mohadjerin

London Climate Rebelion 1
London Climate Rebelion 2

Greta Thunberg, Sweden, climate rebel, activist and amazon warrior says: "I'll be back!"

Special Climate Alert:
Greta Thunberg, Sweden, climate rebel, activist and amazon warrior
Alexandria Villaseñor, NYC, climate rebel, activist and amazon warrior
Global march 2019

Quarter 1 FEB- 31 MAY 2019 : Malala Yousafhai Pakistan - Nigerian schoolgirls - Peshmerga female combatants Koerdistan -
Greta Thunberg, Sweden, climate rebel/activist.

The amazons heroines of the Peshmerga who do not fear to die.

Kurds dream of a state and for the first time, fighters from all the big Kurdish factions in the Middle East, KDP, PUK, PKK and YPG, are fighting alongside for one goal only: a secular and democratic statehood, it's a hugely powerful moment. And there is one force within the Kurdisch army: the female guerilla combatants who do no fear death they are mostly feared by the IS/daesh.


Most of these women look quite young, in their early 20s. The fearless women have been fighting and risking their lives to protect their villages and towns from the terrorists. They mostly have long black hair and their nails red laquered.

Female Kurdish Peshmerga units are taking part in the fighting at Hazir, Naveran and Bashiqa fronts and other fronts untill this day.

Female officers have said that their aim is to fight against the “common enemy” until the final victory, so that women, and the whole population of the region, can live freely. Earlier, in an interview with Sputnik, 32-year-old female commander Berivan Salihber said, “We have been fighting against Daesh for over two years already. There are hundreds of women in our ranks. However there are those who died heroically in fierce battles with the jihadists.” “When they see Peshmerga female fighters, Daesh militants start to panic and try not to engage in an open fight with us, as death from the hand of a woman is considered by them as humiliating and disgraceful.” Salihber said. Note from the editor: Note editor: in the belief of the daesh if they are killed by a female combatant they will not go to paradise and receive their 700 virgins.


The female Peshmerga units also want to liberate the Yazidi women whom Daesh holds captive in Mosul and thus they won't leave (note from editor which will be published in an another quarter) the battlefield until Daesh is finally eliminated (note editor : to be followed up by another article from Cryfreedom).

But just who are all these factions, and why do they matter?:
Here is an overview to all Kurdish factions, political or guerilla:

• KDP: Kurdistan Democratic Party, currently the dominant faction in Iraqi Kurdistan, it is a fiefdom of the Barzani clan, and led by the region’s president, Masoud Barzani. He’s the son of a renowned resistance fighter who led the struggle against Baghdad. The KDP is pro-capitalism, pro-West, and close to Turkey.

• PUK: the second faction in Iraqi Kurdistan, and a fiefdom of the rival Talabani clan, led by Jalal Talabani, who was figurehead Iraqi president until this year. It is close to Iran, though not unfriendly to the West.

• PKK: the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, a Marxist group that fought a bloody war with Turkey for more autonomy in the Kurdish south-east from 1984 to a ceasefire last year. Its leader, Abdullah Ocalan, known throughout the Kurdish world as Apo, or Uncle, has been in a Turkish prison since 1999.

• PYD/YPG: the Democratic Union Party and its armed wing, the People’s Protection Units, have used the Syrian civil war to carve out a mini-state in three parts of northern Syria, of which Kobane is the one in the middle. It is regarded as so close to the PKK as to be almost a subordinate entity.

• KNC: the Kurdish National Council is a coalition of Syrian Kurdish parties not aligned with the PYD/YPG. It is close to Mr Barzani’s KDP – to the extent that some see it as part of his battle with Mr Ocalan for leadership of the Kurdish world.

What has happened is that Turkey has decided to allow Iraqi Kurdistan’s army, the Peshmerga, to join the YPG, the PKK’s Syrian affiliate, in defending Kobane.

The Kurds of south-east Turkey cheering the Peshmerga convoy as it passes are of course hoping they will save their fellow Kurds in Kobane. But they are also cheering the new-found unity of the Kurdish cause. For once, the faction-fighting of their leaders has been set aside in a common purpose, and the Kurd in the street feels anything is now possible.

Kurdistan is an extensive plateau and mountainous area in the Middle East, inhabited mainly by Kurds. It covers large parts of eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, northwestern Iran and smaller parts of northern Syria and Armenia.

The real problem now, and has always been, is not their political i.e. guerilla power but the ambivalence of the West. Latest excample is when trump on december 19th 2018. declared victory over the IS and would withdrew us boots on the ground. And with him of course the rest of the West joined him in this declararation.  a) the IS is far from defeated and b) the Kurds and with them the female guerilla combatants are stronger than never before. But I think Melania kicked his ass and he declared the withdrewal might take longer because the IS was not defeated and he more than ever depended on the Peshmergas.

UPDATE Marz 01th.: since about 3 weeks trump has been trumpetting victory over IS. Now that might bring back memories over the days when bush did the same over Al qaida. But both are not defeated and very alive and continuing their war crimes (not that the US has ever been innocent of warcrimes).  About the IS: they have a small stronghold left in the north of Syria, Baghouz, and the Peshmerga together with Western allies are fighting there but it are especially the Peshmerga fighting the toughest. See, that again proves to me that the usa: talks the talks but not the walks.

In the meantime there have been sometimes huge debates about what to do with the Western jihadish taken prison by the Peshmerga who repeatedly said that if the E.U. does not repatriate them the Peshmerga would release them.
Now the E.U. decided not even repatriate the children. So I bet you that the IS is far from defeated with 1.800 prisoners in Kurdisch camps and mothers and all children no matter age.
In the meantime the IS is more and more planning attacks in the West.

UPDATE Marz 11th.: in Baghouz the Peshermerga captured 400 IS'rs and 800 more surrendered. And the usa is nowhere to be seen.
UPDATE Marz 23rd. : at Bagouz the Peshmerga and in Syria have defeated the IS. And no, not the usa i.e. their allies including the dictator of Syria.
UPDATE April 1th. : although Russia has no boots on the ground they do have to support dictator Assad against the opposing free Syrian army. Also they deployed mercenaries under the command of Yevgeni Prigogin.

UPDATE MAY 10th. : trump cannot stop repeating how the usa has defeated the IS but we all know it were the pehmerga female combatants who drove them out of Syria and the dictator of Syria, together with usa and Russian troops caused a lot of collateral damage meaning the lives of tens of thousands civilians of which too many women and children.
In the meantime the IS  spread out their battlefield abroad with recently a terror attack in Thailand. Way to go trump.

Gino d'Artali

journalist for Cryfreedom.net  

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