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You may wonder why a man is a womens' rights activist and driven force after Well, I grew up in an environment where my mother for fifteen years on end was the victim of the most cruel  forms of so-called 'domestic violence' and me nursing her physically and mental wounds when I was 3 to 16 years young, not knowing anything about battering women let alone rape nor understanding it.
All I knew was that there was my mother and me. Many years later I wrote this poem:

<30 frames a second.

One man and his never-ending nightmares.

I want to die
to be re-united
with my mother
and continue our private war
against the male predators
who take females and children
as war trophees
but we will not bite the dust!

Even if we are
sweating bullets
and my mother also
and still covered with blood
after I patched her up
with bandages and plasters
and even when I didn't understand
why all this was happening.

You predadors beated up and raped my mother
day and night
blood on you face
big disgrace.

But my mother and I always
and gave each other strength

and we both always
longed for love,
she from a man,
I from a father
but never found it.

Have the perpetrators won?
Hell no!!!>


When one thinks of Mexico we think of white sand beaches as far as the eyes can go including palm trees, wild parties with hoping to be the next miss world voluptutous girls and women and of course drugs, plenty of it because the demand is there and delivery guaranteed by the drug cartels. We think of all of that except CEO's directed rape, torture and murderers who trash their victims in the killing desert of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. Well, I'm writing about American CEO's of Mexico based maqilladores, factories. Why the CEO's? Different reasons: labour is cheap and equal tho female workers seen as cheap meat with which they can do whatever they want. But the ones especially guilty are the police, justice departments and judges because easily to bribe. An American Dollar does wonders and makes almost everything possible.
I lived in Ciudad Juarez for more than 4 years (2000-2004) and from the very beginning I felt I had to take action, founded C.A.U.S.E. (Coalition of artists united for social engagement), and internationally called forward artists and poets to take action resulting in ' FacingFaces' SWF movie (= the complete art collection.) and "Eres el amor de mi vida" = the complete poetry collection in PDF.

Read more here: 'Feminicides CD. Juarez'

Well, you maybe think job well done but I invite you to keep reading:


'FacingFaces' did have a number of succesfull exhibitions, ranging from a gallery (California, USA) to a museum (Ciudad Juarez, MX) a university exhibition space in New Bruswick (Canada) and 2 public exhibition spaces, one in the Netherlands and one in Belgium, all directed while still in Mexico.
Then I thought it would be a good idea to return to Western Europe and to offer FF to help NGO's in the Netherlands to support them in their work and efforts to create social awareness about rape and what is called in the rich countries 'domestic violence'.
Wrong thinking! All the institutions and NGO's I approached and offered FF to turned my offer down to work together and by and by I understood why: all of them being subsidised by the government with amounts one gets dizy and enabling them to install fully equiped offices and giving themself a big montly paycheck. The Netherlands is part of the so-called low countries because of its level with the North sea.
It is also known for its saying 'hearing, seeing and no speaking'.

It has not always been like this. In the 1970-ies and sixties feminism was on high, also in the Netherlands and during that time there were 2 action groups: 'Baas in eigen buik' (boss of my own body) and the 'Blijf van m'n lijf huis' (Keep your hands of our body) groups. Both especially arranged shelter for abused and/or raped women and could count on the support of thousands of feminists. Today, 2021, governmental CEO's have taken over (read above again starting 'FacingFaces'). But it does not mean that as far abuse and rape is concerned the Dutch feminists keep fighting, be it underground again like they started!
In any case I was deeply hurt and dissapointed until I heard of the Congolese gynaecologist Denis Mukwege.
RAPE EVERYWHERESince long I've read about the Congolese gynaecologist Denis Mukwege living and working in Congo and because of the greusomeness and neverending number of rape victims he decided about 20 years ago to open a hospital only to try and help them and he fugaratively speaking almost fought to death in trying to do so. The perpetrators: rivaling tribes in war (each with their own gods)

'The eternal re-surrection of god in times of war'
Artist Gino d'Artali

raping the women of other tribes as a trophee and proof of their 'bravery'.
(One can see this happening in all wars so Congo is not an exception).
Mr. Mukwege literary saved hundreds of women and not only deserves a minutes long standing ovation but he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, something he more than well deserves and especially his goal of what to do with the money.
He not only deserves our deepest respect (click here to read
the full story -seeks-backing-new-fund-aid-women-raped-war )

Thousands if not hundreds of hundreds of thousands of women felt victim to rape and unfortunately also murder. In this of course I refer to the above written but also to our collective memory.
Japan and Germany: rape as war trophees WW2:
For the footsoldiers they interpreted the acts and sexual camps as a free card given by the ones in command: Kaiser, king, emperor or general.
The ones in command called the often abducted comfort women and were mainly women and girls forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army in occupied countries and territories before and during World War II, or who participated in the earlier program of voluntary prostitution.The name "comfort women" is a translation of the Japanese ianfu a euphemism for "prostitute(s)".
Estimates vary as to how many women were involved, with numbers ranging from as low as 20,000 (by Japanese historian Ikuhiko Hata to as high as 360,000 to 410,000 (by Chinese scholar Hua-Lun Huang); the exact numbers are still being researched and debated. Most of the women were from occupied countries, including Korea, China, and the Philippines.[9] Women who were used for military "comfort stations" also came from Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaya, Manchukuo, Taiwan (then a Japanese dependency), the Dutch East Indies, Portuguese Timor, New Guinea[10][11][12] and other Japanese-occupied territories. Stations were located in Japan, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, then Malaya, Thailand, Burma, New Guinea, Hong Kong, Macau, and French Indochina. A smaller number of women of European origin were also involved from the Netherlands and Australia with an estimated 200 to 400 Dutch women alone.
Originally, the brothels were established to provide soldiers with voluntary prostitutes in order to reduce the incidence of wartime rape, a cause of rising anti-Japanese sentiment across occupied territories. However, many women ended up being forced to work in the brothels against their own will. According to testimonies, some young women were abducted from their homes in countries under Imperial Japanese rule. In many cases, local middlemen tasked with procuring prostitutes for the military lured women with promises of work in factories or restaurants. In some cases propaganda advocated equity and the sponsorship of women in higher education. Other enticements were false advertising for nursing jobs at outposts or Japanese army bases; once recruited, they were incarcerated in comfort stations both inside their nations and abroad.
The higher in command errectede (sic, what's in a word) camps named it Joy Divisions and has basically the same story as Japan.
There are no excact estimates available of the number of victims because the higher in rank were known to, when it became clear they would lose WW2 they burned all evidence that could be used as proof but I'm convinced they can be compared with the number of Japanese victims.
The footsoldiers: the comfort women and joy division camps of course did not reduce the rapings on the battefields. On the contrary, the footsoldiers were known for their extreme cruelty.

Domestic violence

A friend said to me in general <Gino, today that's only a small problem> I was schocked!!!
I studied the numbers of women who fellt victim to so-called 'domestic violence' which is not only battering women but also raping them and too often killing them worldwide. Click here to read the best report I found:

My job is not done yet, far from it, nor is yours: I call you forward to help stop the rapings and killings. It is also a call to step up and compose an 'Awareness to not forget rape victims' song or symphony, or a 2-dimensional artwork not bigger than 50x60 cm. or equivalent in inches and 72 pixels or a poem  and send it to:  
When I received it I'll send you a very thank you email. Depending on what I'll receive in quantity/quality. I'll decide on how to make all public.


Anne Clark "Wallies"

So this is where the future lies
In a beer gut belly
In an open fly
Brilcremed, acrylic, mindless boys
Punching, kicking, making noise
From the cradle to the city streets
They spill out their aggression
By punching what they don't understand
And stopping all forms of expression
Teaching each other to be men
By spewing in the street
Well now I know just what to do
To make my man complete!
Against the power of their misguidance
We must learn to fight
To be just what we want to be
Morning, noon and night
Night is for the hunters
And the hunted are you and

Watch her perform the song:


Thank you very much. Let's keep fighting against the predators!

Gino d'Artali

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