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Welcome to, formerly known as.Womens Liberation Front.  A website that hopes to draw and keeps your attention for  both the global 21th. century 3rd. feminist revolution as well as especially for the Zan, Zendagi, Azadi uprising in Iran and the struggles of our sisters in Afghanistan.
This online magazine started December 2019 and will be published evey month and concerning the 'Women, Life, Freedom' revolution in Iran every week. Thank you for your time and interest.
Gino d'Artali
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                                                                                                            CRYFREEDOM 2019/2020

The face of Iran's protests. Her life, her dreams and her death.

In memory of Jina 'Mahsa' Amini, the cornerstone of the 'Zan. Zendagi. Azadi revolution.
16 February 2023 | By Gino d'Artali

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Read all about the assasination of the 22 year young Jhina Mahsa Amini or Zhina Mahsa Amini (Kurdistan-Iran) and the start of the Zan, Zendagi, Azadi (Women, life, freedom) revolution in Iran  2022
and the latest news about the 'Women Live Freedom' Revolution per month in 2023:
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Born September 2022, Saqqez, Iran/Kurdistan - Killed September 16 2023, Tehran, Iran


September 9, 2023:
Actually that, Sept. 16, 2023, also and almost to the day was when also the 'Woman, Life, Freedom' movement errupted and with it a special section of started because I thought that I needed to do more than what I already did and my supporting journalistic- and activistists voice was needed and wanted meaning not only as a 'passer-by' thinking as if Iran is a 'far from my bed show'.
And for the past weeks I've been calling forward the dear readers of and all people who care what is happening in Iran to participate at an art- and poetry online event of which I aimed and hoped I could publish all shortly before September 16, 2023 and after realise a real-time event out of it all. Unfortunately nothing has happened, no reactions, no contributions, nothing. Does it make me angry? Yes and no. Yes of course it does but... anger does not honor Jina Amini. But I'm also very much aware of other initiatives who claimed they'll do something around the 'Woman, Life, Freedom' movement as well as to commemorate the killing of Jina Mahsa Amini like there was the <Archive of Defiance:> A Compilation of Iranian Protest Art, an initiative by an Iranian expate in the USA and I'm saying 'was' because I contacted this person but received no reply nor is their any website to be found on the internet about this initiative. Anger? Yes! And there was this UK call to contribute posters to be then exposed in London on September 16th. 2023 in a park. I also contacted them but the initiators cannot be found no matter how hard one tries. The email adress they give to send in contributions does not excist nor is there any website about this initiative. Angry? Yes! I call these kind of people vultures living on corpses of the innocently killed. Shame on them.
That brings it to me: am I a vulture too? I know I'm not because I'm giving all I can for the 'Woman, Life, Freedom' movement and its aim to come to reality. Now, today, September 1, 2023, I just told a friend that <on September the 16 th. 2023 things are going to explode in Iran because we all will see and know what will happen on that day and the days after.> And to the regime: no need to buckle-up, it will not help you!!
Long live Free Iran
Gino d'Artali

My call since approx. June 2023:
Dearest people of Iran and readers of and thus of the world, may I call you humbly to commerate with me and us all Jina Mahsa Amini who, as you know, was murdered on September 16th. 2022 by the basij for apparently wearing her hijab wrongfully. This date is nearing rapidly and with every second passing her parents and loved ones are grieving deeply and undescribably.
And to, in our humble way but also with our deepest grief too, commemorate our murdered sister I, and again in all humbleness, would like to invite you to send in to a supporting poem or artwork to first of all be published at and at a later stage for me to organize and curate a special exhibition of which I don't know the location yet because I need to study very carefully since the regime's secret service is not only active in Iran.
My email address is untracable so you can, I pray, send in your contribution to

You can send in a maximum of 3 poems. Still, do try not to make them not too lengthy to allow enough web-space for others to participate and publish their poetry too.
For art: of course for now it is not possible yet to send in originals like photography or other media. Please let me know however if you made works in other media and a digitalized copy if possible is very much welcome. (In case of performance, theatre or music please do send in a clip). In general digital works are of course very welcome, however do consider dpi's and height/width, adjustable for the web.
In general, I of course will make a special presentation database and with it seek trustworthy possibilities to present an exhibition of all sended in works, be it poetry or art or a combination made by the artist. 

Let us agree to a 'last day' of sending in your participation at 17 October 2023
Only then also I'll publish what I wrote and created because I'm not so important.

ps. I personally will publish my contributions around that day.

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