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When I quote:  I use < is opening quote and > is closing quote. I am very sorry and apologize for the inconvenience.

We, my colleagues and me, too often are said <your news is old> but my Mother (Gianna d'Artali 1931 untill 1996) always said: <No news is old news because you can always learn from it.>. When you often experience reading an article of as old news you are forgeting that we all have a collective memory.

Update: May 5 2021

This page contains 2 info texts: the about text and the manual: I'll start with the

'MANUAL': starting the 1th. quarter of the 3rd. season things will change. 'Till now I went to different warzones i.e. climate in danger zones (links) and I'll continue to do so but also I'll base more and more my indept articles on third party resources like international renowned magazines, newspapers, TV stations and links to non-cryfreedom articles which I fully back up (click on Non but supported articles and topics.
And last but not least I'll sometimes include a poem or artwork by myself because yes I'm also a visual artist and poet.

Some very important chances:
1: name/title: was Womans Liberation Front and has changed to and is a feminist quarterly online magazine.
2: Untill now I called myself the chief editor. I don't like the word 'chief' anymore! From now on I'm Gino d'Artali, journalist (since 1982) and editor.
3: statistics: during season 2 2020: Unique visitors 3.206
Number of visits 4.575
Pages 10.211
Hits 12.639

2: the team;

Marja Uittenhout, the Netherlands, my debater :-) ,
Dirk Verwimp, Belgium, unfortunately had to stop because of personal reasons,
Paolo Innocente, Belgium, individual sponsor of the domainname and hosting and very dear friend,
Gino d'Artali, born in Sicily, Italy: founder of Womans Liberation Front/Cry freedom and 
an independent socially engaged investigative journalist not working for newspapers, magazines, radio- or television stations.
My sources are trustworthy and free of fake news

3: and brings me to the following:

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Aljazeera and The Guardian are my main online sources online out of which I quote
the most important news that relates to the goal of
and to inform you about the global athrocities against women in general and also about violating the rights of women.

And you can trust them and me: NO fake news!!!

By the way: any feedback, negative or positive, would be welcome!!


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