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Gino d'Artali
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                                                                                                            CRYFREEDOM 2019/2020

Poetry by Gino d'Artali

First this: when a women is raped and seen as a victim of 'domestic' violence or when women are raped during a war and seen as 'victory trophees', and in any other situation as 'she was at the wrong time wrong place'.

"30 frames a second 2
i.e. global rapings and femicide.

If we want
we can hear it on the radio
or watch it in a newsflash on TV.

the question is
if we want to listen or watch?

Most of the people too often say:
'That is a far from my bed (sic) show'.

The question I ask is
what if it happens to you?
Will friends, family, inlaws
and even the law itself
stand by your side?

Like tens of thousands,
even hundreds of thousands,
of women worldwide
cannot count
on especialy the law
let alone the police
who too often
are the perpetrators themself."

Read also an autobiographic poem I wrote
way back:

"30 frames a second.

One man and his never-ending nightmares.

I want to die
to be re-united
with my mother
and continue our private war
against the male predators
who take females and children
as war trophees
but we will not bite the dust!

Even if we are
sweating bullets
and my mother also
and still covered with blood
after I patched her up
with bandages and plasters
and even when I didn't understand
why all this was happening.

You predadors beated up and raped my mother
blood on you face
big disgrace.

But my mother and I always
and gave each other strength

and we both always
longed for love,
she from a man,
I from a father
but never found it.

Have the predators won?
Hell no!!!"

Conclusion: more can only become less if when we, men and women alike
stand up and shout 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!.

Gino d'Artali - radical feminist and founder of and investigative journalist of/for


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