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Gino d'Artali
indept investigative journalist
and radical feminist










                                                                                                            CRYFREEDOM 2019/2020

Read all about the assasination of the 22 year young Jhina Mahsa Amini or Zhina Mahsa Amini (Kurdistan-Iran and the Zan, zendagi, azadi!) (Women, life, freedom) revolution
Gino d'Artali
Indept investigative journalist



the supreme leader, the arch-reactionary Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and his placeman president, Ebrahim Raisi. The message of the women when he visited a university is plain: <give way or get lost>.

'Facing Faces and Facts' to commemorate the above named and more and food for thought and inspiration to fight on.

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 Below is Chapter 3

31-28 Oct 2022
'<Each person getting killed is followed by a thousand people!> protesters shouted at the funeral of a demonstrator on Saturday in Arak, southwest of Tehran.>
Iran to hold public trials for 1,000 people involved in Mahsa Amini protests.


28-27 Oct 2022
'This generation is really brave'


27-26 and 1 Oct 2022
<This year is the year of blood, Seyed Ali will be toppled,>

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25-17 Oct 2022
<We want to be in solidarity with Iranian women>
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23-20 Oct 2022
<Be scared. Be scared. We are one in this,> demonstrators yelled, before marching to the White House. <Say her name! Mahsa!>

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18-17 Oct 2022
<<Iranian schoolgirl 'beaten to death for refusing to sing pro-regime anthem....

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When one hurts or kills a women
one hurts or kills hummanity and is an antrocitie.
Gino d'Artali
and: My mother (1931-1997) always said to me <Mi figlio, non esistono notizie <vecchie> perche puoi imparare qualcosa da qualsiasi notizia.> Translated: <My son, there is no such thing as so called 'old' news because you can learn something from any news.>
Gianna d'Artali

France 24
Text by News Wires
23 Oct 2022
<<Protesters take to streets in Europe, US in fresh rallies over Mahsa Amini's death.
Chanting crowds marched in the streets of Berlin, Washington DC and Los Angeles on Saturday in a show of international support for demonstrators facing a violent government crackdown in Iran, sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in the custody of that country's morality police. On the U.S. National Mall, thousands of women and men of all ages - wearing green, white and red, the colors of the Iran flag - shouted in rhythm. <Be scared. Be scared. We are one in this,> demonstrators yelled, before marching to the White House. <Say her name! Mahsa!>
The demonstrations, put together by grassroots organizers from around the United States, drew Iranians from across the Washington D.C. area, with some travelling down from Toronto to join the crowd.
In Los Angeles, home to the biggest population of Iranians outside of Iran, a throng of protesters formed a slow-moving procession along blocks of a closed downtown street. They chanted for the fall of Iran's government and waved hundreds of Iranian flags that turned the horizon into a undulating wave of red, white and green.
<We want freedom,> they thundered.
Shooka Scharm, an attorney who was born in the U.S. after her parents fled the Iranian revolution, was wearing a T-shirt with the slogan <Women, Life, Freedom> in English and Farsi. In Iran <women are like a second-class citizen and they are sick of it,> Scharm said.Iran's nationwide antigovernment protest movement first focused on the country's mandatory hijab covering for women following Amiri's death on Sept. 16. The demonstrations there have since transformed into the greatest challenge to the Islamic Republic since the 2009 Green Movement over disputed elections. In Tehran on Saturday, more antigovernment protests took place at several universities. Iran's security forces have dispersed gatherings in that country with live ammunition and tear gas, killing over 200 people, including teenage girls, according to rights groups. The Biden administration has said it condemns the brutality and repression against the citizens of Iran and that it will look for ways to impose more sanctions against the Iranian government if the violence continues. Between chants, protesters in D.C. broke into song, singing traditional Persian music about life and freedom - all written after the revolution in 1979 brought religious fundamentalists to power in Iran. They sang one in particular in unison - <Baraye,> meaning because of, which has become the unofficial anthem of the Iran protests. The artist of that song, Shervin Hajipour, was arrested shortly after posting the song to his Instagram in late September. It accrued more than 40 million views. <Because of women, life, freedom,> protesters sang, echoing a popular protest chant: <Azadi> - Freedom.
In Berlin, a crowd estimated by German police at several tens of thousands turned out to show solidarity for the women and activists leading the movement for the past few weeks in Iran. The protests in Germany's capital, organized by the Woman(asterisk) Life Freedom Collective, began at the Victory Column in Berlin's Tiergarten park and continued as a march through central Berlin.
Some demonstrators there said they had come from elsewhere in Germany and other European countries to show their support. <It is so important for us to be here, to be the voice of the people of Iran, who are killed on the streets,> said Shakib Lolo, who is from Iran but lives in the Netherlands. <And this is not a protest anymore, this is a revolution, in Iran. And the people of the world have to see it.>
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Opinion by Gino d'Artali: 'You may know the saying 'History repeats itself'. I and many girls in the in the below mentioned article and the video are only hoping it will not be a fact.'

France 24|The Observers
17 Oct 2022
By Alijani Ershad
<<Zahedan's 'Bloody Friday': Reconstructing a massacre in Iran's Sistan and Baluchistan province.
Iranian security forces opened fire after Friday prayers in the southeastern city of Zahedan on September 30, killing at least 66 people, in what is the bloodiest day of the country's recent wave of protests so far. People are calling the massacre Zahedan's <Bloody Friday> after tensions rose to a breaking point in the capital of Iran's poorest province. With help from eyewitnesses and videos shared online, we have pieced together what happened. The scene took place in Zahedan, the capital of the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchistan, near the borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan. People in this province, like people throughout the country, have been protesting against the death of Mahsa Amini, a young woman who was arrested by the morality police. But in Sistan and Baluchistan, there are other issues at play. As Iran's poorest province, it is also home to the Sunni Baluch minority, who complain of decades of neglect and economic hardship. Local tensions have been inflamed recently by an allegation that a police chief in the port of Chabahar raped a 15-year-old Baluch girl.
In this special video report, we outline how tensions mounted after people finished their Friday prayers at Zahedan's prayer site, which is just across the street from a police station.
Our Observer, an eyewitness to the massacre, told us what he saw.>>
View the video here:

The Guardian
21 Oct 2022
By Patrick Whintour - Diplomatic editor
<<Almost 12,500 people arrested in Iran protest crackdown, says rights group.
Almost 12,500 people have been arrested and nearly 250 killed since the street protests began in Iran, according to a prominent human rights group, with thousands of anxious families struggling to make contact with loved ones who have gone missing and presumed to be in jail. The news came as the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Maj Gen Hossein Salami, said security forces were close to snuffing out the remaining protests. He said: <Sedition is going through its last moments.> But protesters have insisted that defiance was continuing. One group pointed to truck drivers joining oil refinery workers on rallies, as well as demonstrations among Baloch people in Zahedan. As many as 200 refinery workers have been arrested since their protests started a fortnight ago. The Writers Union of Iran issued a statement about the crackdown, saying: <Repression of people who protested with empty hands has been a daily occurrence in the last 40 years. But what happened to children and prisoners last week is one of the blackest pages in the record of the current government.> The union added that <the attack of security forces on schools and prisons and the beating and killing of children and prisoners is a tragedy beyond the killing of protesters in the streets. In this stage of repression, the government, as always, denies the reality, spreads rumours, and distorts public opinion in order to thwart the efforts of people's organisations and groups to express the truth>. Some opposition groups say the focus of the largely leaderless social movement must shift to the plight of thousands in jail. Others say its organicnature is its strength since there are no leaders to round up. The protests were sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old Kurdish woman who collapsed while in custody of the morality police and later died. Lawyers for Amini in a fresh statement disputed the official account that she collapsed due to a pre-existing neurological condition. The Centre for Human Rights in Iran said 3,000 people had been arrested in Tehran province alone, 835 of whom remained in jail, including 200 university students. As many as 1,300 have been sent to Greater Tehran Central Penitentiary from Evin prison after a fire inside the facility at the weekend. The figure of 12,450 arrests has been given by HRANA, an Iranian human rights news website.
Iranian human rights groups say journalists are being especially targeted, especially if they report on individuals being detained. Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, the minister of guidance, said the number of journalists that remained under arrest was not high, but according to the International Federation of Journalists 24 have been arrested since the protests started with 11 being held in Evin prison. Reporters Without Borders says there are more than 30 journalists in jail, leaving many publications cowed and censored. In one case seen as typical, Maryam Mazrouei, a journalist and well-known news photographer who has twice been arrested, was apparently released on Thursday after 12 days in detention. She disappeared from public view, not responding to any of her social media and WhatsApp accounts, leaving her friends and family desperate to find out her whereabouts and appealing for her to be freed. Reza Moini, the former director of the Iran and Afghanistan for Reporters Without Borders said requests were met with silence from the legal autho-rities. No reason has been given for her release. In most cases, houses, phones and computers are being searched for signs of disloyalty. >>
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France 24
Agence France-Presse
21 Oct 2022
<<Iranian climber Elnaz Rekabi reportedly under house arrest.
The Iranian climber who received a hero's welcome on her return to Tehran after competing in South Korea without wearing a headscarf has reportedly been placed under house arrest. Elnaz Rekabi com-peted last weekend in South Korea without wearing a headscarf, which is mandatory in Iran and a subject of nationwide protests after the death of Mahsa Amini, who was arrested by the country's noto-rious morality police. Citing an <informed source>, BBC Persian said Rekabi had been put under pressure to make a <forced confession> after her return on Wednesday from the Asian Championships in sports climbing in Seoul. Large crowds of supporters turned out to greet the 33-year-old on her return to Tehran , but the source told BBC Persian that she did not go home after arriving at the airport.
<She was held at the national Olympics academy under the watch of plainclothes officers until she met the minister,> they said, referring to the sports minister, Hamid Sajjadi. Rekabi had been threatened with the seizure of 100m rials (276,000 UK pounds) worth of her family's property unless she made the <forced confession>, the source was quoted as saying. On Friday, a New York-based human rights group called on the International Federation of Sport Climbing to do more to protect her. The IFSC <should engage with rights organisations to protect pro climber Elnaz Rekabi and all Iranian athletes>, the Cen-ter for Human Rights in Iran said on Twitter. <Don't take the gover-nment in Iran's word at face value - it has a documented history of detaining, maiming and killing those who oppose it.> Fears had been raised about the fate of Rekabi after friends had reportedly been unable to contact her following the end of her involvement in the competition in Seoul. News website Iran Wire said the head of Iran's climbing federation had tricked her into entering the Iranian embassy in Seoul, promising her safe passage to Iran if she handed over her phone and passport.>>
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The Guardian
20 Oct 2022
By Weronika Strzyzynska
<<Schoolboy protester dies in Iran after reportedly being shot at close range.
A 17-year-old schoolboy has died in Iran's second largest city, Mashhad, after reportedly being shot at close range by state forces during anti-government protests. Abolfazl Adinezadeh's death certificate showed that he died of liver and kidney damage caused by birdshot, according to a BBC Persian report. A doctor was cited as estimating the distance from which the teenager was shot on 8 October as less than 1 metre. Protests have spread across Iran since the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody on 16 September. On Thursday, lawyers for Amini's family rejected the findings of an official medical report that said the death of the 22-year-old, who had been detained over the way she was dressed, was not a result of beatings she received in custody. Authorities have not commented on the death of the teenager in Mashhad. Abolfazl's father, in emotional video footage of the boy's funeral posted on social media, said: <What crime had he committed, that you sprayed his stomach with 24 birdshot?>> The 17-year-old reportedly joined the demonstration on 8 October to protest against the death of Amini, and against corruption. A day after the protest, Abolfazl's parents were phoned to pick up their son from the police station. When they arrived, they found he was dead. >>
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